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The Road to
Responsible Driving is Paved Here // 

We love to hear from our students and parents about their experience with us.  We pride ourselves in giving the best training and making our students the safest drivers they can be.  Thanks to all of them for their work and their parent's support.  It is appreciated!

Enjoyed the Class

My daughter very much enjoyed the driver's education class.  Having two different teachers with two different teaching styles and different life experiences was a big plus.  It was organized and information was shared very well.  She came home from every class with new knowledge and since she enjoyed the classes she wanted to share her knowledge with me.  Instead of making driver's education seem like a chore you make it very interesting and exciting which I think will help her retain everything she learned. -- Janine Lovekamp

Highly Recommend

We highly recommend Driving Stars for teaching future drivers the rules of the road.  They are flexible in scheduling the classes and are very patient and will take the extra time to go over things with the students if needed.  I look forward to sending our other two children to Driving Stars.  Thanks guys! -- Rick & Kristi Heinz

Positive Influence

Ryan and Mike bring a positive influence to the youth in our community.  Their selflessness and drive to give back is shown daily.  They always put the needs of their students first and are the definition of professionalism for the youth in our community.  Keep up the good work! -- Kimberly Jo Handy

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended!  Having a hesitant driver can be quite a challenge, but Mike went out of his way, took extra time & patience to ease her mind and talk her through her concerns & fears as she built up confidence.  Driving Stars kept us as parents informed as to her progress and what she needed to improve on.  We would recommend Driving Stars to any new driver! -- Nita Moseley

The students needs are first

Driving Stars is a driving school that puts the needs of the students first.  They are very considerate of the student's schedules outside of this class.  Students respect Ryan and Mike because the teachers respect them.  It is great to have such a quality driving school here in Tomah.  We will use the school for our next two drivers also. -- Charlene Rabe

They work around our busy schedule

Ryan and Mike at Driving Stars, LLC did a great job of working around our family's very busy activity and athletic schedules.  They are a very flexible and professional business to work with.  We are excited to send our other three children through their program in the future. -- Michael and Tonya Gnewikow

Wonderful experience

Driving Stars, a place for your young driver to shine!  As parents of back to back teenage drivers, we felt comfortable and confident sending our daughter to Driving Stars.  The knowledge, flexibility, and skills offered at Driving Stars will put your mind at ease.  Mike and Ryan do a great job of teaching the students and communicating with the parents.  Thank you for the wonderful experience -- Richard and Kelly Honish

Great experience

I had a great experience at Driving Stars, LLC.  The staff was knowledgeable and taught me good driving skills that I used quickly to obtain my license.  Thanks Ryan! -- Eric Z.

Very thorough

A very thorough driving education class.  My daughter not only learned valuable driving lessons, but enjoyed the classes a lot!  Thanks Ryan & Mike for making this school not only educational, but enjoyable too.  -- P. Stevens

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