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Asked Questions // 

There are always many questions when it comes to getting your drivers license. Here's some of the common questions we receive from both students and parents.

Do I need to make an appointment to take the road test?
  • ​Yes.   

What do I take with when I take my road test?
  • ​The completion certification you receive the last day of driving at Driving Stars, LLC, student’s permit, students birth certificate, and students social security card.   

What if I have lost my completion certificate?
  • ​A copy will be issued for a fee.   

At what age can the student take the classroom?
  • ​15-18 years of age

How old must you be to begin drivers education? 
  • 15 years old

At what age can the student apply for a permit?
  • 15 1/2 years old
What are your payment options?
  • We accept cash or check and you may pay however you choose.  You can also pay by credit card (go to registration page). Most people pay the full amount, but we can work with you on a payment plan.  Full payment must be received before the student is issued their Permit Application.

What is the fee?
  • Online Course & Driving - $400 for online course, behind the wheel and observation
  • ​​Online Course ONLY - $100​
  • Classroom Course & Driving - $400 per student for the complete class
  • Classroom Course ONLY - $200 
  • Behind-the-Wheel ONLY - $300 (6 hours of driving & 6 hours of observation)  
  • Single driving lesson - $50
  • Non-Cancellation fee - $50 - if lesson is not cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled start time
What does the $300 fee include for the behind-the-wheel only?​​
  • We take 2 students out a time, 6 days @ 2 hours each time so each student drives for 1 hour and observes for 1 hour.
What is the fee for just one driving lesson?
  • $50 for a 45 minute driving lesson

Do we need a Permit before coming to the classroom?
  • No, do not go to the DMV before your classroom course, we will take the permit test @ Driving Stars, LLC.

Does Driving Stars do the Permit test in class?
  • Yes, if you take the Classroom Course!  If you take the online class students will take the permit test at the DMV. 

Do we still have to go to the DMV?
  • ​Yes, to receive your permit following the test, and to take your driving test.

What do we take to the DMV to get a Permit?
  • ​Student’s Birth Certificate, plus student’s Social Security card plus the 3001 Permit Application form from Driving Stars, LLC and a 3rd form of identification, i.e. Passport or parents drivers license.

Do we need to make an appointment at the DMV to get our Permit?
  • ​No appointment accepted. You just do a walk in. 

How long is the Permit good for?
  • 12 months with renewals available. 

How do I contact my instructor?  How do I set up a driving time?​
  • You may text or call instructors. Check for availability/OPEN times for driving on the Schedule to Drive page on this website before scheduling a lesson.
Why do I need my instructor's name and phone number?
  • Because you will be working directly with the instructor you schedule with for your driving schedule, and ALSO you must give a 24-hour notice if you must cancel a behind-the-wheel lesson (to avoid a $50 penalty). The instructor’s name and contact information is on this website if you forget.   

When must I begin driving with my instructor?
  • ​Within 60 of the day you received your permit.   

How long does the student have to have their Permit before going for their road test?
  • ​6 months from the day they get their Permit.

How do I make an appointment?  What is the phone # or online website?
What does the tuition fee include?
  • 30 hours of classroom course work - 15 days at 2 hours per day
  • 30 hours of online course work - max. 90 days to complete
  • 12 hours of vehicle time - 6/6 - We take 2 students at a time 6 times at 2 hours each time, so each student gets to drive for 1 hour and observe for 1 hour
If my son/daughter has taken classroom elsewhere , but needs the behind the wheel training, what is the process?
  • Obtain a letter from the school on school letterhead with class dates.  Bring that letter to us, sign a contract and remit a $300 payment or $50 per driving lesson.  The Permit Application will be issued by DRIVING STARS LLC.  Then they can begin their driving instruction.

When are classes held?  Where can we find the classroom schedules?
  • Driving Stars, LLC instructors will create the class schedule and email to each student/family at the latest 1 month before the first class. Our general schedule during the school year is Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons. 


  • If there is other days available we may hold a class.  During the summer classes are generally in the mornings Monday-Friday.  All classes are subject to change.  All class are held at the Tomah High School in the Math Lab, unless otherwise informed of a change. Please do NOT contact the Tomah High School about any driver's education related topics.

How do we enroll our son/daughter into your class?
  • Please enroll your son or daughter using the Driving Stars, LLC website on the Class Registration Page.  Please contact Mike with any questions or concerns (608-387-6177).

What information is needed to enroll a student?
  • First name, middle name and last name (must match the birth certificate or passport), street & city address, phone number, back-up phone number, date of birth. 

What do I do when I have my Permit?
  • Contact Mike 608-387-6177 or and let him know you have your permit.  Ryan will then provide you with details on how to schedule your driving lessons.

When we schedule driving lessons, what will be asked?
  • After you receive your permit, you can begin driving immediately and can begin to schedule your lesson with an instructor. When you schedule your times you will need to look at the schedule on the Schedule to Drive page.  On that page you will look for available times that say OPEN. 


  • When you find an OPEN time please send an email to so you can add you to the schedule.  When you schedule please provide your name, date/time, and your phone number.


  • We suggest that you schedule 1 driving lesson per/month but you can do up to 2 lessons per/month if you would like to complete your lessons sooner or were not able to drive a during one of the month.


  • You will be reminded to always bring your Permit with you, wear decent shoes, (no flip-flops, sandals, etc).  

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