Driving Skills

Things to Remember
while you practice your driving skills & knowledge // 

Parents, this page contains descriptions of driving skills that we teach during our Behind the Wheel lessons. Please read over this page and help us reinforce these skills. By working together, we will train a safer and more skillful driver.

  • When backing, look back until your car comes to a complete stop. Back slowly, no faster than a walking pace. 


  • Remember your stopping points and your stopping distance from the car in front of you.

  • Make sure you can see the rear tires of the car in front of you when stopping. Remember to stop before the sidewalk when leaving a parking lot or driveway.


  • Make sure you have constant head movement, no tunnel vision. Glance left and right at every intersection just before crossing. Remember to check and recheck your mirrors. 


  • When parking up-hill with a curb, wheels are turned to the left. When parking down-hill with a curb, wheels are turned to the right.


  • Remember to set the parking brake whenever you park your car. 


  • When changing lanes, making turns, or pulling out of parking spots, remember the following steps: Turn on your blinker, check your rear view mirror, check your side view mirror, check your blind spot, and then change your lane position or pull out. 


  • Practice your Y turn and parallel parking as shown to you during your behind the wheel lessons. Remember, if you're backing look back until your car comes to a complete stop. 


  • Watch your speed and following distance. You should be within 3 miles per hour of the posted speed limit and keep at least a 2 second following gap at 25 mph.


  • If you have any questions, related to your driving skills or road test, please contact your local just drive school. 


  • Don't wait too long to schedule your driving test. The DMV can run four to six weeks behind, think about scheduling your road test six weeks in advance.


  • Thank you for choosing to just drive. Remember, you can only master these driving skills with practice.