Behind-the-Wheel Scheduling
If you do not feel comfortable and would like to wait, we completely understand and will not require anyone to drive if they do not feel comfortable or want to at this time. 
If you are feeling sick at all we ask that you let us know asap and do not drive out of respect for other students and staff.
The December Driving Schedule Now Posted and Available!!!

Scheduling Lesson(s)

1) When scheduling to drive, find a date/time on the Schedule that says OPEN and then email Ryan and he will add you to the schedule.


Email =  

2) When scheduling you will need to provide me with your name, date, time, cell number.

Requested lessons are based on first come first served.



How Many Lessons Can You Schedule?

We ask you to ONLY schedule the number of lessons based on when you are eligible for you license:

December you may schedule: As Many As you want/need

Attention:  Beginning January 1, 2021 you will be able to schedule only 2 lessons max per/month. (Until the summer)

Requested lesson are first come first served.

No Show Policy & Cancelling Lessons

If you need to cancel your scheduled lesson you MUST cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson without receiving a $50 non-cancellation fee.  You will need to contact your scheduled instructor or Ryan to cancel. If you do not show up for your lesson or cancel 24 hours prior to your schedule lesson you will be charged $50 cash.

Meeting Instructors

~All lessons begin and end at the Tomah High School.

~You will need to meet the instructor(s) outside of the Commons area.

Face Mask Required 

Both students and instructors are REQUIRED to provide and wear a mask while in and out of the driver's education vehicle throughout the entire lesson.

-Mike & Ryan


Tomah, WI & Mauston, WI

Mike Murray 608-387-6177

Ryan Steinhoff  608-343-8917  |   Tom Tardiff  608-548-1703

Sandy Brookman  608-764-0409​ |  Don Boehm  608-393-8511

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