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Mike Murray is the NEW owner of Driving Stars and has a strong passion for working with kids of all ages and feels that he has the innate ability to relate to teenage students. Since that burning desire to inspire teenage students began, Mike has had the determination to become an educator. That passion to educate others drove Mike to become a driving instructor with Ryan Steinhoff and Driving Stars, LLC in January, 2012.

Mike Murray


Owner & Instructor


Ryan Steinhoff



Ryan is a life long resident of Tomah and a 2007 graduate of Tomah Sr. High School.  It is the belief and focus of Ryan's that driving is a privilege and huge responsibility for everyone willing to accept the responsibilities associated with getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. 


Ryan's desire in life is to work closely with people and students of all ages, so while in college at UW-La Crosse studying to become a teacher, Ryan began teaching drivers education for Brian Moravec and Brian's School of Driving in 2009.  As the passion grew to work closely and teach teens the responsibilities of driving a vehicle, his desire to start and operate his own school also grew.  


Its is Ryan's hope that all students take on and accept the responsibilities of driving, to become the safest possible driver on the road.  Driving is NOT a right, it's a Privilege.

Tom Tardiff


Tom has has been a resident of Tomah since 2012 and a very invested member of our community. He is a teacher at Lemonweir Elementary and also a basketball coach at the high school.  Tom grew up around driver's education and has a huge amount of experience from watching his dad operate Big T's Driving School in Mauston. This helped Tom make an easy decision to become a valuable member of our team when Ryan asked Tom to be apart of Driving Stars.

Tom will be teaching/driving with students from Tomah.

Don Boehm



Don is the newest member of our team and has a passion for working with students of all ages and helping students become safe, responsible and successful drivers. Don was an instructor for Big T's Driving School in Mauston for over 10 years and that fueled his desire to join are awesome team of instructors at Driving Stars.

Don will be driving with students from Mauston and Tomah during the evenings and weekends.



Sandy Brookman



Sandy has a desire to work with students to make them the most responsible and safest driver they can be on the roads. That is what helped her approach Ryan about becoming an instructor and driving with students for Driving Stars.

Sandy will be driving with students from Tomah, as well as students from Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District at Brookwood High School.

Tomah, WI & Mauston, WI


Tomah, WI & Mauston, WI

Mike Murray 608-387-6177

Ryan Steinhoff  608-343-8917  |   Tom Tardiff  608-548-1703

Sandy Brookman  608-764-0409​ |  Don Boehm  608-393-8511

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