Schedule to Drive

Students are able to sign up/drive with ANY instructor to complete their 6 driving lessons and 6 observation lessons with based on instructor availability. 


Scheduling Lesson:

When signing up to drive, find a date/time that says OPEN and then Text that driving instructor or email with your name, date, time, cell number and THEY will add you to the Schedule.

Ryan - 608-343-8917 or

Sandy - 608-764-0409

Tom - 608-548-1703

How Many Lessons Can You Schedule?

September-May = Up to 2 times per/month

                             *exception to this is if you drive during a study hall you can drive more than 2 times

June-August = As many as you want per/month

Driving During My Study Hall(s):

If you are a Tomah High School and/or Home Schooled student, Sandy is willing and able to drive during your study hall on Wednesday & Thursday Block Days. This is optional, so if you would like to drive during your study hall please call or text Sandy about this.

Cancelling Lessons:  If you need to cancel your scheduled lesson you MUST cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson without receiving a $50 non-cancellation fee.  You will need to contact your scheduled instructor or Ryan to cancel.

Meeting Instructors

All lessons begin and end at the Tomah High School.

You will need to meet the instructor(s) outside by the BLUE Benches that are just down from the Commons.


Schedule Updates: Calendars will be updated by the 15th of each month to show OPEN times for the following month.  

Tomah, WI & Mauston, WI


Tomah, WI & Mauston, WI

Ryan Steinhoff  608-343-8917  |   Tom Tardiff  608-548-1703

Sandy Brookman  608-764-0409​ |  Cathy Wildes  608-343-9964

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