Behind-the-Wheel Training - Permit Update - Road Test
Behind-the-Wheel Scheduling
If you do not feel comfortable and would like to wait, we completely understand and will not require anyone to drive if they do not feel comfortable or want to at this time. 
~Driving Schedule for July is NOW posted.
Road Test Waiver & Road Testing


~The road test will be waived for 16-17 year old drivers who successfully completed ALL PORTIONS of an approved Driver Education Program, including the Classroom/Online and Behind-the-Wheel. You will be able to apply once ALL Behind-the-Wheel requirements have been completed.

~Beginning May 11, those under 18 years old may be eligible to have their road test waived if their parent or guardian agrees and they have met ALL Driver's Education Requirements.


~DMV road tests resume on May 26 by appointment only which should be scheduled online with the DMV.

~For students needing/wanting to take the Road Test – On May 7 at 5 p.m., DMV will reopen the ability to schedule road tests to those who had a road test previously scheduled and then cancelled.

~Beginning May 8, DMV will reopen the ability for anyone who doesn’t qualify for the road test waiver or whose parents or guardians prefer a road test to schedule it.

Who qualifies for the Waiver?

Any person 16 or 17 years of age who:

  • Successfully completed an approved 30 Hour Driver Training Education Course

  • Held instruction permit for a minimum of 6 months

  • Successfully completed Behind-the-Wheel requirements

  • Have completed a minimum of 30 Hours of driving with sponsors

  • Have parent or guardian sign the waiver to receive the road test waiver


Who does not qualify for the Waiver?

  • Any person 18 years of age or older

  • Any person who has not successfully completed an approved Driver Training Education Course

  • Any person who has not completed Behind-the-Wheel requirements

  • Any person who has previously failed a road test

  • Any person whose sponsor does not agree to having the road test waived


How to apply for the Waiver?

  • Driver Training Schools will submit student records as normal. DMV records will show completion status of the Driver Training Education course and Behind-the-Wheel

  • Students who meet the requirements should apply online through the road test waiver page

  • Normal fees apply

  • Sponsor (parent or guardian) will acknowledge full responsibility and sign waiver

  • DMV will convert license status from Instruction Permit to Probationary License

  • PDF copy of new probationary license card is emailed for immediate use

  • The driver should receive the physical Probationary License card via mail in 7-10 days

  • Driver should print pdf if possible, or present email to Law Enforcement if necessary until physical card arrives


About the Waiver

  • Parent or guardian agrees to accept responsibility and vouch for the safe driving abilities of the new student

  • Parent or guardian will sign electronic agreement

  • The parent’s or guardian’s driver license or ID card number will be entered into the online system and they will receive verification that our records indicate they approved the road test waiver

-Ryan Steinhoff

At DRIVING STARS, LLC, we help your young adult understand that driving is not only a PRIVILEGE, it's a RESPONSIBILITY!


We have State Certified Classrooms and Driving Instructions.  All vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that records all audio during driving sessions as well as interior and exterior simultaneous video to make it an effective training session for all of our students.


Adult Driving Training Classes Available too.


Ryan Steinhoff is the owner of DRIVING STARS LLC and has a strong passion for working with kids of all ages and feels that he has the innate ability to relate to teenage students.

Tom, Sandy & Don all have the same passion for teaching kids proper driving skills to insure they're safe behind the wheel.

Our team of experienced instructors are dedicated to teaching kids strong driving skills.



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At DRIVING STARS, LLC, there are 3 options for drivers education.


You can choose from the Teacher Led Classroom, Online Class, Adult Training and the Behind the Wheel Only training.

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